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Society for Studies of Physical Arts President Shigeru Nisugi

Physical exercises are now popular in our country. Nevertheless, its cultural and academic value doesn’t seem to be rightly acknowledged. This fact is caused by a tendency that people simply take sports as a matter of body as Physical Education indicates physical training of people. In the past in Japan, there was no mind-body dualism, which was derived from the Western idea. On the contrary, it is synthesis of mind and body that accomplishes physical activity, which has developed into sophisticated culture in the long history of human beings. From this point of view, our society aims to study all physical exercises of human beings such as sports, martial arts, dances, and so on, regarding them as part of culture.

Also, we want younger scholars to play a key role and to take initiative to set up theories with new insights and flexible thinking in the field. We think it our duty to support them.

In closing, systematizing the study of physical arts is very difficult and still has long way ahead. But we think that it is the most important that researchers, educators and practitioners of various kinds get together. So we want many of you to participate in this society.

Society for Studies of Physical Arts
Shigeru Nisugi



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